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My aim is not only to transform your body, but to influence you in making more mindful decisions when it comes to your health & wellness, and to help you to commit to empowering yourself.

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Want to loose weight? Gain muscle? Get leaner? I have a program for you!
  • New Workouts Every Month!
  • ​Bodyweight Commit 
  • Commit Power
  • ​Gym Commit 1.0
  • Beginner Commit
  • ​Dumbbell Sculpt
  • ​Muscle Groups 
  • ​MK Workout Challenges and more!


The app is one of the highest rated in the App Store! There is a reason for that.
  • Ask me questions in the app
  • Easy to follow videos
  • ​Download workouts for offline use
  • ​Stream workouts to your TV
  • ​Track your progress 
  • ​Collect health data
  • ​Share sweaty selfies to Instagram
  • ​Nutrition tips


Nutrition is key to staying healthy and getting the most out of your training. 
  • Nutrition tips
  • Grocery shopping list
  • ​Eating schedule
  • Tips and more


With your subscription, you not only get access to my programs, you get access to the entire Playbook platform! Here is what you get:
  • Unlimited access to 150+ trainers
  • Hundreds of programs
  • ​Thousands of workouts
  • ​Nutrition and wellness guides
  • ​New workouts every day!
I have worked with more than 5,000 people around the world.
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"I was inspired by Melissa's Instagram workouts so I checked out the app. I am so happy I did. I love her workouts and programs. Her beginner workouts got me started and then I was able to start taking on her more advanced workouts. Highly recommend"
- Jenn
"Melissa is a girl boss. Her workouts are exactly what I wanted - a bit of HIIT I could do from home and then challenging gym workouts whenever I can make it to the gym. Love her. Love her energy. Thanks Melissa"
- Casey
"All the workouts + the nutrition guidance make this such a great value. Not to mention Melissa continues to add more and more workouts. I give this 5 stars. The app is so easy to navigate too"
- Jackie
Meet Melissa Kendter
I am wife and lover of all things health and wellness. I am certified personal trainer specializing in Functional Fitness, Strength and Conditioning with a Bachelor's Degree and a passion for running. I was a collegiate soccer player, but hung up my cleats to pursue a life of helping people create sustainable health and fitness habits. Your journey to bettering your health, both physically and mentally should be enjoyable, empowering and lasting. Along with that, everyone is going to have a lifestyle that works and looks different for them. I gear my workouts towards living a stronger more sustainable life, while pushing you to feel like a true athlete.
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